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area prices on upward trajectory

Joy, 35, made a profit
of Bt2 million from the sale of her condominium unit on Sukhumvit 23 last
month, thanks to the strong demand for resale condos in the central business

“I bought my condominium in 2011 for Bt10.7 million. It had 109
square metres of usable space, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Last
month, I sold my unit for a net price of Bt13.8 million, minus the transfer fee
and the personal income tax and special business tax,” she said.

This is not the first time she has generated profit from the resale of a
condo unit.

Joy said she had bought her first condominium, also on Sukhumvit Soi 23,
for Bt4.5 million in 2010 and managed to sell it for a net price of Bt5.6
million in 2012.

“I did not buy for speculation but I have to move when my family
gets bigger. This inspired me to be particular about the location when buying a
condo, like it should be close to the mass transit system, and facilities that
serve people’s lifestyle such as shopping centres, hospitals, schools and
universities. Ensuring these facilities makes it easy to sell a residence when
you have to move,” she said.

Ayut, 35, also booked a Bt5-million, one-bedroom condo under
construction on Sukhumvit in 2012 and before the project transferred early this
year, he sold it for Bt6 million.

“This is great for me. In only two years my condo’s price went up
20 per cent,” he said last week.

Pranee, 34, won the bidding for a foreclosed townhouse on Rattanathibeth
Road in Nonthaburi for Bt700,000 from the Legal Execution Department in 2010
and spent Bt500,000 to renovate it. This year, she could turn it over for Bt2
million, a whopping 66-per-cent appreciation in just four years.

Resale condos close to the mass-transit system are especially popular,
said Pumipat Sinacharoen, managing director of Bangkok City Smart Co, a
residential-property agency.

“Although resale prices have risen 10-20 per cent, new condo
projects under construction are priced even higher by more than 20 per cent.
That’s why the demand to buy resale condos is showing strong growth,” he



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